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Parafin Wax Bath Therapy

Are you suffering from hard, dry skin on your feet?  Or are your feet stiff and painful due to arthritis?  Or maybe you are suffering from chilblains, especially in the cooler weather?  It may just be the right time to come down to Patterson Allied Health and book yourself in for a Paraffin Wax Footbath.

Not sure what a Paraffin Wax Footbath is?

Paraffin wax is a natural, non-sticky wax that has a low melting point.  This enables it to be safely applied directly onto the skin without the risk of burning.  Your feet are fully immersed in warm paraffin wax for a period of time.  This application of the wax directly onto the skin ensures a significant amount of heat is absorbed and retained, leading to its many therapeutic benefits.

Some of the benefits of a Paraffin Wax Footbath in Podiatry include:

·         Reducing muscle and joint pain

·         Improving blood circulation throughout the foot

·         Hydrate and soften the skin

·         Allowing deeper absorption of oils due to the opening of the pores in the skin

What’s our recommendation for healthy, glowing skin to get those feet ready for summer?

Book in and see one of our amazing Podiatrists to remove any unwanted, hard, dry and cracked skin.  Then, follow this with a Paraffin Wax Footbath weekly for 3 weeks.  Do this in conjunction with using Urea 25 emollient on your feet between treatments and finally follow up with your Podiatrist to remove any further unwanted skin. Leading to more hydrated, happier and healthier feet for summer!

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