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Benefits of Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Now that summer has arrived, many of us like to get out and hit the pavement and enjoy the sunshine. However, if we haven’t been exercising throughout the cold winter months, often we have sore, stiff and achy feet, especially when we first start moving.

The best way to combat this stiffness in our feet is to have Foot Mobilisation Therapy. Not sure what that is?

Foot Mobilisation Therapy or FMT, is simply a gentle movement of your feet by your qualified Podiatrist through specific ranges of motion. This mobilisation of the foot bones encourages lubrication of the joints and also newly oxygenated blood to circulate into the foot, helping to flush out any toxins that have been trapped in any stiff, dry joints. FMT also aids in slowly and gently breaking up adhesions between restricted joints in the foot, allowing for more movement and helps to improve the overall function of the feet. This is all combined with exercises specific to your foot type to aid in maintaining improved foot function, whilst lowering your risk of injury.

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